Feb 19, 2012

Second League of Legends Entry

Well at the last minute Riot extended the deadline for their contest, so I drew another image for it. It's the character Ryze, from League of Legends.


  1. Woooow! This looks great! It's really dimensional. Such a gorgeous grouping of colors too.

  2. It looks really great man! I saw that and I SOOOOOO wanted to enter but I have been completely bogged down by commercial work. I miss the days when I had time to do more personal projects. How do you ever manage?

    1. Thanks! I've been cutting down on the amount of client work I've been taking to focus on personal/portfolio work, which hopefully will lead to better client work. Would have loved to have seen an entry from you, btw.

  3. Whoever needs a scroll THIS BIG to read must have a really really bad eyesight.. ;)